Dance as a force for emancipation

When people talk about art they usually talk about literature, music and theatre. In the newspapers you usually fnd a lot of articles about literature, some about music a few about theatre and sometimes one about dance. But why is dancing so often neglected? In the newspaper it is surely a result of the small target audience. But then again one can ask: why is the audience so small? One reason may be that most people only know two kinds of dance forms, ballet and ballroom dance. With the later being a particpatory form of dancing the only performing dance people know about is (classical) ballet. Due to it’s conceptual nature ballet is limited to a certain amount of movements and topics. If people don’t like them they won’t like dance as an art form, because they don’t know nothing else.

There is a lot more to dance than what ballet can offer. This series of films tries to show different aspects of dance through the medium of film. The connection between the movies is not only dance, though. Almost every dance movie treats dance as a force for emancipation, therefore this series focuses on “dance as a force for emancipation”. Emancipation is not only part of the movies, it is inherent to dance in general. Dance as a performing art is always not about being oneself, it is always about transcending ourselfs. Transcending ourself isn’t necessarly emancipatory, but it is inherent to dancing. Even if you look at folk dance, which main reason to exist is preservation, it is always a dance among equals. There may be rules but these rules apply for anybody who enters the stage. Descent is of no matter and therefore the dancer transcend their fromaer selfs and emacipate from their descent.

But this theoretical idea is only the necessary frame to give me a reason to show these movies. The aesthetic pleasure is the reason why dance exists and this enjoyment should not be missed out, even if we have a good argument to watch the film because it expands our knowledge…

The following films will be part of the series:

  • Dirty Dancing (You can find a review here)
  • Black Swan
  • Pina Bausch
  • First Position
  • Dancing in Jaffa
  • RIZE
  • And many more…

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